Faces of Freedom supports
our wounded veterans.
All proceeds go to
Fisher House
and Wounded Warrior Project.

    “The stories in Faces of Freedom are true stories —
    stories of service, sacrifice, pride and love.  The stories
    will remind you that America has been blessed with
    greatness in every generation and no generation has
    shown greater valor than our current generation of
    heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Read and be   
                                                         — Gen. Colin L. Powell
Faces of Freedom
~Honoring the Fallen~

"When You Go Home
Tell Them Of Us And Say
For Their Tomorrow
We Gave Our Today"
~ John Maxwell Edmonds    

"Faces of Freedom" fallen
hero, Chance Phelps,
is subject of HBO movie
"Taking Chance."
Watch trailer now.
Please check out the Chance Phelps website